Maxima Racing Fork Oil (1L)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Maxima Racing Fork Oil (1L)

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The Maxima Racing Fork Oil is a mineral-based performance fork oil. It was designed for high-performance fork catridges and also regular standard forks. The oil is a special formula to maintain damping by reducing the amount of foaming and air. The oil helps provide a cleaner interal fork by removing corrosion and helps by conditioning the seals. Theis high viscosity index formulation utilizes a specific anti-wear chemistry. These features prevent stiction by reducing the friction while keeping the oil film strength strong. If you're racing or just commuting, upgrading your fork to a performance fluid can help provide a better ride. This is one of the most advanced fork oils on the market.


  • Friction reduction
  • Prevents Stiction
  • Maintains film strength
  • Eliminates wear
  • Optimal damping performance
  • Minimized foaming and air entrainment
  • Keeps internal clean
  • Eliminates corrosion and conditions seals